3 comments on “Where Is the Love? An Ode To All Syaheeds : A Tribute From A Concern Moslem….

  1. well my friend, i agree with you that the media has been unfair. But your post has only made people think that jihad means to fight back and muslims cannot be blamed for bending towards terrorism. You should have explained the true meaning of jihad, that is to fight the evil qualities in you and change, and should condemn and not condone the act of terrorism. Terrorism is bad, whether it is retaliatory or not. Awareness is important in the youth of today, that political agendas are aplenty in this world, rather than just being sheep of an established ideology. we must think for ourselves, in the aspects of righteousness, justice and fairplay. There are always betetr ways to end a dispute.

  2. aku rasa cam ada something wrong with taliban.Tapi ni hanya padangan akulah…yang tak pandai pun pasal pilitk2 nih Orang yg jadi member jihad taliban bukan semua berpelajaran.Entah2 baca al-quran pun tak tau maksud.AKu rasala..tapi maybe sebab pengaruh nak masuk syurga as syahid tu yg membuak2 dalam dada mereka.Ditambah pula dengan byk pula benda2 yg boleh merosakkan akidah muslim itu sendiri.memang ini petanda akhir zaman rasanya.[sigh]

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