6 comments on “Nobody’s THAT Innocent : The S, K and Z Saga

  1. wah…. new phrase?tepuk dada tanya minda… no more selera eh?hehehe.. yeah…everybody’s human… they feel hurt too… but it’s blantketed with a smile… everybody can do that… but what goes on in the heart… no one really knows exactly…

  2. they only human..not an idole.. and they don’t deserve that.. well you know what i mean.. they only human..of courselah.. but man, you got your point.. newspaper in malaysia is just some kind of novel..huh?

  3. ya betul tuh..tapi apakata u pulak put urself in tempat Tengku Zawyah?being a fan doesnt mean u have to be taksub and blinded for whatever ur idol does..she’s just human:like all of us:and that means she no all goody-2-shoes 100% (

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