6 comments on “The Nite I Yelled “F*cking Bi*ch” At Selera Murni !!!!!

  1. Enough said,I think I commented already in my sister’s blog >> http://elle_aphrodite.blogs.friendster.com/elles/2006/11/idiotic_ppl_lik.html

    He only has my pity because he has degraded himself.The damage is done.We didn’t do it.He made it.he went against himself.Ultimately,he destroyed his own reputation.I don’t recall any of my family having New Zealander blood.What?he thinks he’s a Maori?get real!Let’s see how long and how far he’ll go out to fool people and lie about himself and stab people from the back.Every time be stabs,he’s actually stabbing himself.His identity is left to be questioned.

  2. hoho
    penat gak aku baca pengalaman hang..’
    apa yang orang wat kat hang tu pasti akan dapat balasannya’
    kalo tak dapat kat dunia nanti mati pun takkan lepas punye’
    sehebat manapun manusia mesti ada org yang lagi hebat lagi cam aku ni’hehe
    apapun blajar rajin2 ye..
    org yang paling hebat bukanlah org yang kuat pada fizikalnye tapi dapat tahan kemarahan apabila dia marah’
    ok take care
    kalo jumpa tegur la yer’
    meluahkan perasaan kat sini pun ok gak
    nanti aku pun nak try
    k chow

  3. ok… One Word… KARMA. =) wad goes around comes around, so yeah, he’ll get wad he deserve. Chill dude, i guess there’s a sad reason why he did all that. in fact feel happy because u know u’re so much better than wad he’s been bitch mouthing about to others. Very angry blog but i like =) hehe.

  4. for sumone who never respect teh sanctity of friendship, it now a no wonder why nobody likes to befriend him~ not that i’m being bias or waht but thru my observation throughout years before this volcanic eruption!Then again,it sad but …yeah, he doesnt mind that i supposed~=)

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