3 comments on “Au Revoir USM, Hola Working World! (Part II: Farewell Line Ups : Power of Three Will Set Us Free!)

  1. … aih… u make it sound like a sad entry.hehehe… ala… kalau umuq pjg tuh kita jumpa lagi noh?hehehe… Well,I know when I heard you over the phone with Efi that night you were already missing us here…hehehe… They say, life goes on.I hope all the best for you and that you’ll land yourself a good job.Don’t just look at the paycheque but ask yourself if you love it enough to do it.hehehe… Well,things are quieter nowadays.Doncha Club isn’t complete without you.Efi’s off today but as usual,I’m working.Only that now my lunch time is lonely lah because you tarak kat sini.hehehe.. takda lah teman makan.hehee… tak pa lah I tapau lastnight food and make it my lunch.Going to have my fav yellow mee again.hehehe… well,wish u were around last night to have dinner with us.I cooked a lot of stuff.Tempeh Sarawakian style,sauteed veggie in garlic butter sauce,butter squid,everybody’s fav potato and shredded beef and of course my yellow mee.Some of my fellow athletes came by too.Just that last night was kinda quiet,evidently because you’re not around.we watched the Devil wears Prada too.hhehehe… but anyways,we all are missing u already.hehehe… don’t forget to come back and “jenguk”.heehehe… Efi’s birthday is coming soon so u better come here.hehehe…Happy Holidays and Congratulations,you’re a graduate!

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