8 comments on “The Birth of Nephew Mohd Rifqi Naufal (Part I)

  1. Still remember reading ur blog saying you felt a lil bit unsecured when ur sis get married. And now you become and uncle. Isn’t that nice.

    Child is one of the greatest gift God ever made. And send my congratulation to ur sis:)

    Amri (2.20a.m in the morning, stuck in the lab, finishing the assignment. Thanx to my lecturer, I started to hate myself)

  2. Hey guys!thanx a lot for d comments..gosh,im feeling older already now!hahah but yeah i agree that child is one of God’s greatest creation!I’m already a pak menakan (uncle) to a child already! *sigh*+*smirk* =p

  3. dah already labored dah…(?) apa kejenis ayat hg guna nih? hihihi…and contaction(!) ohmigod!!! contraction la dude…..LOL! ingat apa nk contact??!!?

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