7 comments on “The Birth of Nephew Mohd Rifqi Naufal (Part II)

  1. He is so cute..
    BTW, make sure u don’t turn on the flash while taking pix. Kesian budak tu nanti

    Pesanan dari experienced pak menakan (10 tahun dah weh). But don’t be me, I turn to a jerk uncle after I got more and more anak menakan and I couldn’t stand them. Advice: If you couldn’t give love, buy them toys or game (in case if u wanna be like I am)

  2. ha.. tu baru satu… now you’re officially a babysitter! like it or not! hahaha… anyways, the PTD gathering was ok.Got to meet up with your sister’s friends and they filled us in on stuff about PTD and the things that one has to go through.Pretty interesting I must say.Looking forward to the second interview though.

    Last night we had a blast at Efy’s private partey…hahaha… after makan2,apa lagi?Karaoke lah!hehehhee… Well I had a full day.Just got back from KL early morning via train trus balik mandi sempat tido satu jam je then rush to church for choir practice till 5pm!adoi!aiya… pjg cerita.All i can say my weekend was VERY VERY VERRRRYYYY PACKED!hahaha…no proper rest.k lah wei.Come over lah soon.This weekend kah?I’ll be going back home next week already.It’s only Efi and Son at their place now.So you can stay over at their place lah.

    K take care and enjoy being an uncle!Your nephew looks like his mother la i think.hehehe…

  3. Hi! I’m Fique’s friend. Thanks for putting up Rifqi’s picture. He’s soooo adorable! (All of us here in Bangi and Putrajaya think he looks like Fique).

  4. To : (1)Am = Yep2x i know! I used the non flash snap! (2)Kat = uwaaa!I’m so darn jelaous! I KNEW that u guys gonna rock the house karaoke-ing!hehe..as for me,bz co-babysitting my nephew and my sis!It’ll b nice if u guys could cum! (3)Kak Chech = yep2x i know who u are! Kakak told me abt ya!hehe..sure2x no problem =)

  5. hello shahrill, i’m another one of ur sis’s fren’s fren hehe

    linked my blog to urs sebab ada gambar ur cute nephew ni ha, baby Rifqi.

    sampaikan salam kat kakak yee… kata member kak ayue, kak jaja kem salam.

  6. ekojuli = Rifqi Naufal adalah anak saudara saya, bukannya anak saya. But anyway, it’s ncie to re-reading entry blog ini. Sudah hampir 3 tahun rupanya sejak rifqi dilahirkan..nostalgic sungguh 🙂 Yeye misses Rifqi so much!

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