One comment on “What Lies Beneath : Emotional Upheavel Upon Controversies & Melancholies (Alexandria?)…

  1. yeah i guess you’re right man.and i thought my mum spoiled my new year mood to a certain extend when toupe’s name came up(his mum apparently called up my mum and wished her happy new year and talked about the hulla baloo and was concerned and thought that we should end this).Honestly, I was damn pissed.but i did tell my mum i was tired of all the Sh*t and the anger.I guess what u plan to do;writing him a letter and all,that’s a good thing to do.I did a similar thing before and it did a whole good.No point dying a bitter death.Maybe it’s good to finally put it behind us and get on with life otherwise it will always bother us and we can’t move on.I’m with ya!Just got to start the ball rolling.

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