8 comments on ““DREAMGIRLS” : The Gospel & Soul Motown Era IS BACK !

  1. yeah spoilt brat… not like i can view it on tv as i go to work.hahaha… LOL! thanks anyway for the news.hehehe… is it really that good?I only see pictures and read a bit about Dream girls but don’t know lah how it really is like.Will check it out and see someday.can’t wait to meet up with u tomorrow though!take care!

  2. Have u watch Ugly Betty?? That show rocks, except the fact that there’s too much of beauties and shirtless jocks every single episode… LOL

  3. Aku pun x sabar nk tengok Dreamgirls.. U know, musical movies are really great. Drpd dulu smpai sekarang, the classic THE SOUND OF MUSIC, CHICAGO, MOULIN ROUGE semuanya mmg best ditonton… Yeah, hidup movie freaks!!

  4. quoted: “sent msgs to all my friends around 6am before Subuh prayer reminding them to watch Golden Globe..ehe,yeah i know,sumtimes i could be so spoiled brat =)”
    Nolah….. Golden Globe, Academy Awards kn antara acara2 yg mmg wajib ditonton jd aku mmg sokong tindakan hang tu… Hehe.. jgn mare ye org lain yg not into movie like Shahrill and me…

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