7 comments on “Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit

  1. x sangka hg br tau psl that tattoo and what it means. tula kna byk visits website hollywood gossips cm aku nih =p. tp x sangka plak hg bleh kaitkan dgn THAT kind of appetite….LOL! mak yg slalu bfikiran XXX pn bleh x terfikir cmtuh nyah. sah, otak hg lebey tercemar dr aku! Insaflah……

  2. opss…baru jumpa brita nih!:

    Wedding Bells for Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

    Star is reporting that Angelina Jolie’s mom’s last dying wish was for her daughter to marry Brad Pitt. Will Brad and Angie be walking down the aisle together sometime soon? Here is their report:

    “Marcheline asked Brad to take care of Angelina and the kids [their adopted children Maddox, 5, and Zahara, 2, and their biological daughter Shiloh, 8 months,” says the source. And she made a similar, equally impassioned plea to her headstrong daughter.

    “She spent the most time with Angelina — she told Angelina that her dying wish was for her to marry Brad,” says the source. “Even during her darkest days over the past months, Marcheline [had urged] Angelina to marry him. Marcheline adored Brad and believed he was an angel sent into their lives to take care of Angie.” So now, adds the source, despite Angelina publicly vowing in the past that she and Brad would not marry, “there is no way Angelina’s going to let her mom down.”

  3. owh really?LOL! tapi Angie ketegaq sket. she’s been quoted saying that nothing bonds her with Brad except their children. Tapi she really loves her mom. maybe dia takkan hampakan wasiat Miss Marcheline tuh kot. about the APPETITe..ehehe..LOL!eleh,hangpa semua pun camtuh jugak tapi tak mengaku!aky tau larh!ahaks =)

  4. oh i didn’t know her mum died…condolence to her… this is news to me… anyways..it’s a good thing if they get married.drp dok tergantung je.make it legal.hehehe…

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