3 comments on “.Bila Harus Memilih.

  1. wah… menyentuh jiwa… sabar lah Shahrill… love has many faces.Sometimes its for keeps.. sometimes u have to let go…sometimes it’s sacrifices.now that’s true love…just don’t be a love fool.be careful.i’m guarding my heart now…

  2. solat istokharah lah shahrill.. girlfriend ni memang x menjanjikan akan menjadi “sahabat yang paling baik” dalam hidup kita, setelah berkongsi segala2 termasuk kepercayaan dan akhirnya dikhianati pulak.. memang sakit. aku dah rasa dulu… tu yang aku solat istikharah dan there’s a feel that i wanna commit to fahima.. as my future wife.. not only as my gurlfriend or spare.hehhee. well..blessing from allah is much better than our own desire.. play smart , man.. gurlz are so many now.. choose the best for yourself(with good mind), not from other’s view.. grr!!

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