3 comments on “The Valentine’s Sweet Escape : A Birthday Bash, An Opera Team & Bidding Farewell

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  2. Hehehe… thanks for making it to my birthday bash!!!Yeah,sobsob… when i think about us all together… dont’ know when will that happen again(the get togezzer of doncha club!) now that you’re back home and Efi’s overseas.hahaha…I have been so very busy I haven’t had any time to really go on the net and even put in a birthday entry.This weekend I’m leaving for UIA for the second MASUM leg.Yes I won two golds and a silver last weekend.But it was sweet memory too.. my last TOT.well u take care yeah?Nanti lah bila I free I’ll blog.for now I just check my msgs and browse through because i’ve got a packed schedule.Happy job hunting to u and Efi.cheers!

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