4 comments on “The Light of Undomiel In Our Hearts These Days =)

  1. hahha,really ke?i tak ingat what’s teh meaning of toddler dah..just hentam jer to make it sounded vocab-encriched.Hey since i’ve put u in my featured,i guess u have to expect a lot of PROFILE VIEWINGS from now on =)

  2. ada jugak org x pnah dgr nama ‘undomiel’ ek?
    i guess there do exist people who doesn’t watch LOTR (what a waste!) or read the books. but I know that many people couldn’t survive even the first 5 pages of the famous JRR Tolkien book’s. LOL!

  3. ader Norzat!do you kow that Gentlefolk.com people (spesies2x yg bagi surat layang and guna gambaq aku dulu tu?ingat dak?) penah buat rumor kata “Undomiel” tuh aku saja created to refer to a conotation of “Undo-Me”; as in undressing me! tak ker taik tuh?!

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