5 comments on “Alhamdulillah ! (To The Lord SWT) : A Journey of Beyond-Say.

  1. hv u read Dina Zaman ‘I AM MUSLIM’ ?
    She wrote for Malaysiakini previously and NST..juz 30bux,and it’s worth reading..

    post script : it doesnt really related to ordinary Muslim piece..its sumtin new, n refreshin..GO CHECK IT OUT!!

  2. dina zaman. ada kuar review psl her bukz smlm (sunday). tp aku x baca pon lg (the bukz or the review)…..hehehe….kongratz dh lulus 1st stage of ptd thingy! mesti pulun baca buku tuh….aku pon nk kna pulun la gak pasni…..

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