5 comments on “I Hate Here ! @ “Beauty” Sometimes Is A Painful Melancholy?

  1. Honestly, I agree with ur parent. You shouldn’t care much about ppl around you if they make u feel uncomfortable.

    I asked myself, how long that I wanna live with ppl’s expectation? That’s why I dun care much (I guess). If you see me caring about how does my hair look like, it’s just because of self-conscious, not bcoz of other ppl 🙂

  2. I dunno Am. I just cant agreebecoz i’m the one whois facing this.How do u feel if a JPJ person-man said “what do u do at home? knitting? cooking? You can LEAVE your PHONE NUMBER to me”

    Luckily I have my PR to save me.I laughed jokingly but deepdown i was like – WHAT THE FU*K IS WRONG WITH JITRA PEOPLE?! SICK! BAB* TAK??

  3. Dude..newhere u go there will be jealousy meh..but sure i think they all must not seen such a handsome cute guy for long time..they must be boring in seeing old folks around that town n lil young punk that only know how to rempittt..juz in time u r the lucky one..they actually glad that ur present in that town..Save them..U had bring them glamorous (ala2 cam lagu fergie tu)..Lagi pun kan yang Maha Besar sukakan kecantikan and keindahan yang ada pada seseorang individu tu..tu pasal byk orang2 hemsem n cute like u meh..:) plus i know u r such a sabar person n knowledge person who had deal with it..Well done!!

  4. well stick em ass up.who cares a donkey’s ass about them.They are just fags in their own right mind for thinking wrongly about you.Be strong.Life isn’t always rosey but it doesn’t mean that it has to taste bitter all the way.don’t forget u have us friends here who know what a great person you are to us.always remember that when people start dissing u off.Doncha rules!

  5. adei i don’t know where my comment went already… i thought i posted something nowit’s gone… anyways.. well don’t care lah what these “low life” say.just be yourself and hold your head up high.you are who you are and nobody can take that away…(ala2 tune mariah carey keluar…CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY)hehehe… cheers man,we all love you for who you are it’s ashamethey can’t see the real great friend you can be.Ass off to those suckers.

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