8 comments on “Tribute To My Life In USM : And Those People Around Me.

  1. oh my god..
    my tears kept running like the Sedim waterfall rite now..
    thanx dude..
    this entry really22222222222222x precious!..
    bile tengok gambo ko & BOB tu, tibe2 rindu lak waktu2 nak lepak2 ngan hang, Li, Wa, Ise & Jani kat bilik ko dulu tu..huhu..
    cepatnye mase berlalu..
    rindu kat Mok Su, makcik2 Indon yg jage kafe kita tu jugak!!..
    & of course laa the memory to Sedim on the sweet morning of Valentine Day..mmg enjoy the day..haha..
    take care, dude!.

  2. NAZ : yes! totally nice one although the ‘grand opening’ was never a grand one!ahaks! Noentheless,i would never forget i got the coupon RM50 and u gave me the Rm5 kupon=save my budget for “PHILOSOPHER’S STONE” & “CHAMBER OF SECRET”!

    PALI : Yes indeed.hope ur doing great too. i miss our batch microb and biotech people too~

    MUZEM : AHHAHA!yes this is your FIRST TIME commenting in my blog. miss those sedim days and ‘mulut itikness’ throughout 3 and 1/2 years togezzer=)

  3. OH thanks SHahrill this is sweet. sorry i haven’t been online much.Today i just got to work and I found out they banned friendster!aiya!!!…now i can’t be on friendster as frequent as i use to.hehehe… what to do… nvm lah keep in touch and good luck for… oopshehehe… Doncha rules!

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