2 comments on “Diamond In The Rough : Capricious Cristiano !

  1. I love Man U!hahaha… they are on a winning high now and they trashed Watford 4-1 just after the 7-1 trashing.Christiano Ronaldo is the favourite to the win the Best Player of the Year with 2 other Man U players alongside(if i’m not mistaken Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs).Didier Drogba for Chelsea and forgot who were the other two(was it Alan shearer but i forgot the other one…heheh).Well I hope Ronaldo gets it!He is the shiniest star at the moment.I’m billing on him to win that award!hehehe…Long Live Manchester United!!!

  2. I know!!!~i read today that even Chelsea’s John Terry sights Cristiano Ronaldo as the coveted Best Player of The Year and even “Best Player In the World”!!! Yipee~Possibly Man U stands teh chance of winning the FA Cup, UEFA League and the EPL sekali gus this year!!=)

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