4 comments on “Whimsical Writing : “The Dark Half” by Stephen King.

  1. I’ve heard about this book somewhere… i think u told me about it or i read abuot the reviews in the papers.unfortunately i’m the kind of person who reads book reviews rather then finish up a novel(entah.. malas sbb pjg cerita and i ain’t got lots of times) but that’s a good thing to do so kudos for Shahrill for taking time to read tonnes of book.(how i wish i could also be a bookworm because i do love books but i’m just too picky and too busy too)hehe… well wishing you all the best with PTD.I hope you and Efy will nail it.hehehe… whatever happens,give yourself a pat on the back for being where you’re at.take care dude!

  2. aku penah baca s.king 2 kali ja. satu tajuk salem’s lot kot n the other one tajuk the girl who ape tah….hihih…tp definitely bkn buku bertemu ruas la, me and s.king. nape tah, i’m not liking his works. too dark maybe?

  3. waahh! aku teringin benar nak baca “Salem’s Lot” tu! lagi satu maybe hnag maksudkan “Carrie” kot (the first S.K’s hit)..yes, mmg Stephen King’s materpieces are quite grotesque la tapi very heart-beating ! =)

  4. eh, actually buku yg aku baca bkn salem’s lot la tp ‘Pet sematary’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet_Sematary) hihihhi….membosankan je…huhuhuh….and aku dh search, tajuk buku yg aku xtau tuh ialah: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon….yg nih quite best cuma aku x brapa paham ending samada the girl mati or just asleep. first time aku baca buku x paham ending. sbb tuh x brapa suka s.king nih…hihihhi….and aku pnah tgk the green mile (based on his novel), filem tuh best gak so buku dia mesti best kot.

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