2 comments on “I Feel Me Under My Skin !

  1. I wouldn’t really call it being rebellious at this stage of life. I’d rather call it a difference in opinion.To be rebellious is to do something bad. To have a difference of opinion is to disagree upon a matter. You’re still a fillial son since you’re still obligated to your parents,listening to them. ehehhe… ok no worries.ask your parents to pray for you esp for this coming weekend.I did make my parents pray for me too before i go.hehehe…at least get their blessings.then you’ll feel a whole lot better especially when they give you words of encouragements.k take care and good luck!

  2. yap.I agree with you. My sis was like giving me this lil’ sermon la about filial piety since she feels my ‘rebellious’ attitude is goin waaay over ze top! *sigh*. Yap, prayer of parents is essential. Neeway, have fun in Australia mate!~ LOL =p

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