7 comments on “Second Leg UEFA Champions League Semi Final ( Man Utd VS AC Milan) : Sad Ending.

  1. I was sitting in a social gathering a.k.a belated birthday party of my coursemate together with my other coursemates when suddenly the topic of football came out of the air. It left me, and the other one guy and girl speechless as we are not into it. I said, ‘hey, we should come over here and talk about anything but football’. I’m gonna say to you, ‘you should come over here and hell ya, you can get along with them talking all about Europe cup and whatever cup they have’.

    Ha ha . komen panjang ala-ala tulis blog plak.

  2. Man U last nite = bad luck=disaster= under performance= defense problem.. they are down 2-0 after first half..thats what happen to bayern too..ferdinand not playing,vidic injured and he has no answer for kaka..the rest didnt function very well especially at first half

  3. Yes and it was very sad!! =( The first half was a calamity! Nontheless we have to admit AC Milan’s defense was so sturdy that it seemed impossible to penetrate kan?!

    p/s : To my bro-in law Abg Zam = bangga la tu!~ ahaks!` takpa EPL masih ada =p

  4. Well good to hear that you enjoy your PAC.I’m hoping for the best.But whatever it is,I must congratulate you first for going throught the assessment and enjoying yourself.Did they tell you when the interviews will commence?

    At least we have the EPL to look forward.There’s still a race to work on.If EPL is what’s left,then we’ll just have to fight for that one.Long Live MU!

  5. I have no idea about the interviews. GOD!I’m having cold feet everynows & thens when i start thinking about the result. Hopefully, all the Donchas can make it! Efy seems to be enjoying himself too (LOL!).Pray for us aite?

    It’s official MU is the winner of EPL! Looks like we can still get the coveted dwi-championships if MU wins teh FA Cup ! Glory~

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