3 comments on “So Wrapped Up In My Warm Cocoon. Something’s Happening Things Are Changing Soon.

  1. Apsal for the first half, citer fasal Angelina Jolie, dan tetiba jer in the end berubah jadi citer fasal hang plak???

  2. Hahaha to Am’s comment. mantap la teknik penulisan blog hg dh btambah mantap. bleh jd full time blogger cmnih…tp nape asik dok tulis TEH instead of THE je???? something wrong with ur jari or keyboard ka?

  3. AM = Duh!~ Angie’s story tuh dh Anak relate ngan hidup aku la. meaning in everyone’s life u will go thru a rebellious stage and perhaps by God will, one day bley lah menjelma jadi org yg sopistikated. LOL

    p/s: KEY WORDS : learn from mistake!

    NORZAT = hang puji am ke puji aku nih?kekee

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