2 comments on “Rules Of Attraction.

  1. oh this is the one u mentioned… sigh… over and over again u kena kah?some people have nothing better to do i bet.Don’t worry too much about them lah,k.u are what u think.don’t make yourself be you are what others think of you.nobody knows u better than urself.Don’t worry,u have many friends who love u for just being u.I’m one of them.ehehee…

  2. I know! it’s seems like neverending! GOD~! I dont really wanna go depth into the mystery of why FAGS-HATE- ME thingy (just look at Toupe Incident!) but it just irk me taht some ugly people have the nerve to come out and say impolite words (do i sound classic vain?haha) !! Well, anyway blogging is my salvatory valve!

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