4 comments on “Failed Peringkat Ke-2 PTD. I’m So SAD =(

  1. hello… me again…
    i knoe how u feel rite now..
    me also hate loosing.
    last month i went for an inspektor intrvw and i fail to get thru next peringkat. mmg rasa sgt down after that.. mula fikir yg bukan2 pasal diri sendiri. i blame my self. puas my mom pujuk.. n i took 2weeks to recover my feeling. sedih sgt.. at last i pujuk diri sendiri, i ckp maybe dis is not my luck. i’ve try my very best tp xde rezeki. its not about we r stupid or not. its about our luck! but after all i knoe my weaknesses~! if u rasa sgt berminat dgn PTD why not try again..

  2. Hai dear fwen,

    Feeling bad about it?…Guess what i know how u feel coz it happend to me 2 times..im also hate to b a looser.and i never be a looser b4.PTD Scheme teach me how to feel when u r not so qualified.huhu..Positive thingking.. as usuall..ada hikmah di sebalik semuanya…maybe rezeki kat tempat lain kan.so try again next time..huhu..cheer up fwen..(included me)

  3. Dear friends..thanks for all of the soothing words. Huuuuuh. I’m really in a horrible state now (like what IDA-Ayume said)..i did began to think so wierd stuffs in my head. but I guess it’s fated. Insya Allah I will try again next try (since I’m a KIASU). Hali – hope to see again in the exam! and congratulation to Nazmi for makin it too (baru notice) =(

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