2 comments on “Failed Peringkat Ke-2 PTD (Part II) : The Depression Period.

  1. riLL, rileks la..
    betui kata pak hang tu..
    ni ujian dari Allah buat hang..
    mybe Dia nak uji hang tabah or not..
    aku pun la ni dah lali dengan kegagalan..
    ingat la pesan aku aritu, rezeki kita ni memang dah ditentukan oleh-Nya..cuma masa je yg menentukan samada cepat atau lambat rezeki tu datang kat kita..
    same gak situasi mcm pasangan suami isteri yg dah kawin nak dekat 5 tahun, tapi still tak dapat anak, walopun dah jenuh berusaha..tapi bile came into their 10th year, tup-tap-tup-tap baru dapat anak..y this happened?..u have the answer!!.
    so mate, dont feel too bad..kalo hang rase diri hang paling ‘loser’, ade ramai lagi kat luar nu yg lebih ‘loser’..contoh terdekat: macam aku..I even failed the 1st stage of PTD’s exam..at least, Allah give u to taste the PAC’s environment, but me, NOT..huhu..
    pepun, jgn lupe doa byk2 mudah2an ‘rezeki’ yg Allah dah tentukan buat hang akan cepat2 mai kat hang..aku pun akan same2 doa utk kite semua..ok, wish u the best of luck..wslm..

  2. Em..Honestly man, i dont like to comment about jobs..but since uve highlighted bout PTD, then it gives me some pleasure to elaborate…..Ive a neighbour who is a PTD (foreign service)..from the way he explained to me bout the job, i must say maybe its a blessing in disguise from Allah for you..for me, i dont want to be a ptd cos i sincerely think i’ll be like some kuli kerajaan (no offense to all ptd’s)….Who knows you might be suited for other jobs…..so dont give up, life is too short to give up….if the average life expectancy age is around 65 years old, that means all of us has roughly 42 years to think about life..not much time left…so dont give up…..May Allah guide you my friend.

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