One comment on “Recovery : Good Boy Gone Bad. ( I Will Be Your Umbrella)

  1. hiya shahrill… sorry for the long absence.I’m relief to know that you’re ok now and in stable emotional condition.Whatever that has happened doesn’t mean that you’re failure.You’ve come this far.I understand your frustration.We all go through this kind of situation at some point in our lives.I guess it’s just a lesson on how we handle it at the end of the day.Take it as a lesson worth learning.I reiterate,YOU’RE NO LOSER.Don’t let that dampen your spirit.Maybe rezeki kat tempat yg u least expected.We never know.I like to plan my steps too but i didn’t know the surprises (and disappointments ) that awaited me in my journey to reach this part of my life(graduation).It was painful.Still has scares till today but then life must go on and it is only up to us to pick ourselves up and tell ourselves that we can do it and there’s nothing stopping us from achieving our goals.As much as destiny is in God’s hand,it will not happen if we don’t move a finger.Don’t be down.You’re young and you have a lot of things going on.It’s not the end of the world.It’s the end only when u give up hope and end your dreams by thinking negatively(the scary death wish thingy).Don’t do it.Do what is right.That is move on with life and keep striving to better yourself and move towards your goals and ambition.Dreams need not be confined to one.It can be many so open up your option.The world is a big pool after all.Don’t limit yourself.Like they say,the sky’s the limit but then again,we’ve reached the sky with planes and rockets too not?dreams are unimaginable.Just be positive.I got your back!

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