3 comments on “Getaway From The Hullabaloo : Hutan Melintang-Venice of Perak- Beruas.

  1. hey hey thanks chico!hehehe… don’t la jealous… whatever that comes your way i wish you all the best.If you want to try again try again.it’s ok bah. or u could try something else.It’s never the end of the road until the day God takes you away from earth.hehehe… take care and nice to know u went for a holiday break with your family.A much needed one i think.take care!

  2. haha.. Chica! you know me = Green Eyed Monster! But really, I hope you could nail the inteview ‘coz after all teh hurdles u went through, you really DESERVED IT! =)

  3. Mi Hermano…
    Cheiss, don’t tell me that u’ve never makan dragon fruit!…That really spells pathetic dear! Neway, as for the PTD thingy, u can alway try again! Insya-allah. I do believe in you!

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