2 comments on “Tribute To The Doncha Club : Power Of Three.

  1. hmm… ni mcm org rindu je… hehhe yalah… mmg lah miss the good ol’ days…

    Looking at the pastich u put together it really made me reminisce our glory days… hehehe… sedih lah… but anyways… convo’s pretty soon lah… aiyah… another phase in our lives.. hehhee… then there’s work then blablablabl… entah bila lah doncha boleh jadi complete balik tapi well,at least we still have each other walaupun jauh di mata tapi dekat di hati.hehee…love u guys and DONCHA rules!

  2. hahaa..the thing was that yesterday after u called me, Efy plak called me (killin time during lunch hour). So suddenly I felt a lil bit melancholic (haha, u know me laa kan?!). Neeway,witha technologies nowadays, there shud be no probs updating each and one of our lives, aint that right-o? =)

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