4 comments on “Overprotected : Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. Aku rasa, ko kena cakap baik ngan parent hg. Kata x salah nk cuba dulu.. kalu ko rasa x best. . berenti keje.. try out jer.. maybe diorang akan paham kalu ko cakap mcm tu.. pendapat aku la..

  2. I dunno..im confuse. It’s hard to reason with them. Tapi I understand depa nak yg the best utk aku……and they hope I could nail the goverment jobs yg now hanya ada KPLI atau cikgu MARA. I was hoping to nail as a management trainee in AFFIN BANK but it seems so far depa cam being ignorant! ERGH!

  3. i think u ought to talk it out with them… really think of what you should say and tell them it’s time for them to trust you to make your decisions.mistakes are lessons too… they can’t keep you in the cage all your life.tell them that they need to learn to trust you.stand up for yourself.I think you should talk to your sister ASAP about this.I think u should go to KL for the interview.until when Shahrill?I say go for it.

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