3 comments on “Nancy Drew Ressurected !

  1. Yes PussyKatDoll (weh, are u intending to make this name as ur virtual alter ego?hehe coolie!). Hilary Duff’s metamorphosis is a reflection of her stage of life. Of course once in a while u wanna endeavor the side-of track of life kan? Being a lil’ bit bad and experiment ur sexuality? that’s what Hilary erhard Duff is doing now. i like her middle name sounds so elvish!Anyway, according to E!, Hilary is still considered one of Hollywood’s GOOD GIRL; apart from Rihanna and Jessica Alba.

    Lindsay Lohan tries so hard to put her name in the paparazzi map and keep the drama by lamenting those ppl are bothering her. Puh-leeze, classic mean girls’ attitude! Plus, Hilary Duff still a VIRGIN! Although she don’t really say in public (not like Britney’s fiasco), she says that is somthing she likes for herself although she, like everyone does talk abt sex. It’s just something she likes to keep for herself (so far!). This girl has DIGNITY!

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