2 comments on “Ironies : Death Of A Wrestler. Unleashing Of A Socialite. Two Malaysian Astronout Wannabes.

  1. I heard of the Benoit case.In fact i just read it before i stumble upon your latest entry. they said it’s a murder-suicide case thingy?

    Regarding Paris Hilton… it is strange though that I really use to loathe her but I don’t know what’s got into me.I must admit i think she’s been a media staple till i subconciously read about her whenever i go through the gossip section in MSN.com. About her saying that she wants to change, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. Must sound weird i’m giving her face for all that she is known for. Who knows, jail was a wake up call for her. I just hope she keeps her word on turning 180 degrees.

    As for Dr Mudzaffar and who’s the other fellow?hhehe… yalah… what to do he’s handsome bah… i really like to look at him.But yes,you’re right,I agree they shouldn’t just focus on one astronaut to be.(ah scrolled up and found out the other guy’s name is Dr Faiz.just two sylables but can’t remember his name… amazing!i guess the good looking want got my attention…hehehe..). life can be cruel at times… just because the other is easier on the eyes… hmm… I say be fair!

  2. on Benoit’s = I tersilap. typo error. the police DID NOT HESISTATE TO RULE OUT THAT IT WAS A HOMICIDE. I kinda struck u know..H’es one of the wrestling icon.

    on Ms. Hilton = Well..That’s Hot! till we see what’s her next publicity stunts! ahaks!

    on Malaysian Astronouts= ahhah, that’s what i meant! Everyone takes notice on Muzaffar but not Faiz. yalah looks could be a bonus sumtimes bah… *sigh*

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