One comment on “Expecto Patronum !!! Harry Potter’s On For All July.

  1. LUMOS!!!

    Hehehehe…. preview hang penuh ngan spoiler to those yg mengikuti filem Harry Potter tapi x pernah baca mana2 novel HP. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is said to be the edgiest HP movie… Bagi yg mengikuti filem2 HP but never read any HP novels, believe me, this Phoenix is very much different… it’s darker, more emotional and more action… A almost 800 pages novel into a 2 and a half movie… betapa banyaknya yg x akan dilihat dlm movie..

    For the Deathly Hallows… omg, i can’t wait!! 21 Julai… cepat la datang! Harap masa akan cepat berlalu.. with all the meetings, kursus dan workload harap2nya aku akan rasa masa cepat berlalu….

    Aku pun dh preorder Hallows gak, 3 bulan lepas… Dulu masa preorder Half-Blood Prince ngan Shahrill, mamat ni dapat baucer buku RM 50. Hmmm.. kali ni mana tau one of us dapat cabutan bertuah hadiah trip ke Disneyland, HK, Rill? Hahaha!


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