3 comments on “The KL Endeavour : Assessment. Beyond-Say Experience.

  1. hey hey… nice to read that you did well and made quite a number of friends.you look good now that you’ve put on the much needed pounds you’ve been craving for all this while.hehehe… maybe some girls would start to leave you their numbers after this?hehehe… on the whole,I’m happy that you’ve gone through the experience.it is indeed an achievement in itself.looking forward to seeing u here in Penang soon!ciao,Doncha!

  2. Thanks chica for all the soothing words! ur guys are the best! And also to everyone. Yes it’s HP fever!~ weih, do i really obviously nampak i put several pounds already?LOL!~

  3. Shahrill, no wonder laa ur family tak berapa percaya kat hang. Hang sendiri pun still ada some doubt in urself of exploring the city on ur own. This is just a form of expression, bukan bitchy around eh.

    Anyway, congrats for trying on a new journey:)

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