3 comments on “The Deathly Dengue : Jinxing The Jinxed !

  1. Respect you for finding some small thing to cherish off (those nice patients)

    Glad to hear that you are getting better. Hope Allah ease your pain:)

  2. Well,I miss reading your blog… was worried about your state…I’m so glad you’re already discharged from the hospital.I hope you’ll recover fully and in time for your first day at work.take care!!!

  3. Thanks for the soothing words people! Am, sorry i dont have time to baca ur entry yg hang nak make me jealous tu..nantila bila aku dah sihat aku akan teruskan personaliti jeles aku tuh =p

    and Kat!! OH MY GOD, u totally nail PTD! i’m so glad girl u’ve made it! Doncha rules! thanks for all!

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