5 comments on “Tinseltown’s Scandals & Self Fetishes.

  1. I’m back with my bitchy comment: Ha ha

    Personally, I wonder why people ever like or craze over this STUPID celebrity (quote ayat hang): She’s making all of this big thing about her family issue, being unforgiven (for whatever reason); and people still think they are cool

    He he

  2. You must be living in some secluded place Hun if u said that. Angie never publicly acknowledge the esntrangement; instead the media and her father make fuss about it. Hahah, I know ur comment is to retaliate about Britney (ur her fan arent u?) Sorry but I totally she’s a pathetic lot with Lohan! That just no brainer !

  3. britney and lohan not even worth a blog entry. ’nuff said. as for ms angie, she’s hot but talented as and actress? she still have lots to prove to me since i’m not easily distracted by the boobies and lips

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