8 comments on “I’m A Newbie Here.

  1. So this is where you have been hiding all the time.. ahax.. my gosh, you are so freaking like movies, actors and actresses… amazed! hahaha…

  2. Welcome UNDOMIEL84.wordpress!!! Huhu. Aku pun setuju hang tukaq wordpress ni.. leh laa aku mai meng-comment nanti.. kalo friendster, u need to be log-in first. sangat busukkk!

    hepi blogging, mate!

    Long-live BLOGGERS!!~

  3. boleh? td aku Google 4 ur new blog and Google came up with Muzem’s???!!! mungkin Muzem ada konspirasi dgn Google nih nk sabotaj blog baru hg nih! (i’m kidding, u know that rite?)….also, awelcoming hadiah to wordpress….

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