6 comments on “Kung Fu Panda Getaway With Dzul & Aid =)

  1. Hola Shahrill!!! I ‘tink’ u r having a really good life kat kL despite keje2 kat opis hang tu… i’m kinda trying to spend the last few days of my holiday at home but most of the time i went out… hang ni bertuah sungguh sempat lagi lepak2 dgn kengkawan lama… then siap kene treat kat K&R plak tu…. hang masi slim mcm dulu ek… saya kat sini maintain kot, if not my stomach already increased some cm kuikuikui…

  2. hhahaa..not all the time fun here. Just once a while when there’ are companies. Me & Kat pun hardly see each other anymore since everyone’s bz. Miss those good ole days of the “Doncha Club” get-togezzer. Yeah, u know my body scale = SKINNY & SKINNIER! lol. Bila ko nak datang Semenanjung?

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