11 comments on “Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary.”

  1. King’s imagination is vast and he can pull the reader in the book, make him feel he is a part of the book’s world; watching the story happen.
    I have read many books and very few writers have the ability to do this.
    Pet Sematary is one of the books that leave a ‘print’ to the mind, mostly because of the story and because of the ‘disturbing’ end. I have read it some years ago and kept pushing myself to read a few more pages every might before sleeping (as i did with most his books)
    King is indeed the King when it comes to fiction/horror stories.
    I would suggest (in case you still haven’t)that you read The Dark Tower. It will keep you reading most nights, a story that unfolds in 7 books (Dark Tower I-VII).
    It’s what King himself, says, it’s his masterpiece.

  2. Yes, I’m a fan of his writings. The most gruesome novel for me would definitely be “IT.” King is good in manipulating childhood trauma into something that seemingly evil, don’t you think? Anywy, I don’t understand the language at ur page so I cannot response at the page. Neeway, thanks for the comment.

  3. Oic. No wonder I don’t understand it. Anyway, thanks for the holler. It’s ncie to know another Stephen King’s fan. I’m planning to buy “Bag of Bones” =)

  4. ermm .. teringat kesah ada org beli buku Harry Potter guna voucher RM50 .. guna voucher ke guna duit terjemahan journal dibawah kelolaan Kak Zan agar-agar ek?! hmm .. konpius pulekkk

    **sape brani naik stage jawabs??!

  5. ELGRECO = yeah I think ‘Bag of Bones’ is like the ensemble of myriads of elements (read in Wikipedia)..neeway, I’ve began re-reading IT and for the past 2 days, been having nightmares! 1st one was the opening chapter= BIG FLOOD IN DERRY 1957; the second what, encountering Pennywise The Clown himself! LOL, what a dream!~

    AWEKJCK= Tujuan sebenar komen banyak2x membuat ONAR?????! Masalahnya ada buku nota kecikkah untuk membuat serangan verbal apabila sampai masanya????!*pengsan*

  6. Hi! I have lots and lots of Stephen King ebooks. You can download them at my site for free! Thanks!

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