9 comments on “Crying Over The Cash Flow. Y’all Friends Are My Fireflies.

  1. my friend, don’t get emotional!don’t take things personal when comes to work!!you must make your stand!and tell youself that you are working,and try to cut your emotinal feeling’s when you’re working!! be yourself after work!! don’t let people know you a cry baby!!
    take you time out if need some time!!
    Be though Guy!!

  2. Inhale, EXHALE!!..

    Weh, ape2 hall buzz me up, k..
    Take care..
    Pasal get-together Ogos ni, InsyaAllah.. aku mmg coti skolah time tu.. Mai ja turun. Penginapan ditanggung halal!. Hehe. Okeh..

  3. Han Solo= Hhaha..Ok Ok..i’m sorry about the mis-name =p Anyway, these days things are getting pretty akward but I kinda savoring it. Thanks for the soothing words. Nonetheless, I’m counting the days to fly from the financial world!!

    Arasis = Thanks for the comforting comment=)

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