9 comments on “Threshold Of Quitting Job: O Lord SWT,Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. Weh, so camane la ni? Ade feeling better? Hope so.. Apepun step yg hang ambik pasni, aku sokong jaa, sb aku & lain2 just dapat ‘tengok’ & bagi nasihat ja,.. Yg final decision is totally up to you.. Hang yg rasa camana terseksanya diri tu.. You are the only one who can feel that inner conflicts.. So, just go for it kalo tu yg hati hang dok kata, ok.. & at the same time, do prepare for the interview.. :-).

  2. Goodluck for the upcoming interview.. Well, whatever it is.. happiness is the most important thing. There are still plenty of other work in this world. Dari experience aku.. keja yang paling bebas dan bergantung pada usaha sendiri adalah menjadi usahawan atau peniaga. Just like Zariman. Well for secure job.. work with the government.

  3. Dear all. Thanks for the comforting replies. i dunno. Still havent yet make the ultimatum. Being reasoning with Kakak n few of trusted colleagues. God. Give me strength. Insya Allah. In the end it’s all my path. Thanks anyway folks for the attention *sniff*

  4. Success mu ada di depan, jangan tengok kebelakang lagi ok.
    Shahrill kesempatan kedua, ketiga danseterusnya harus kita kejar untuk didapat. God Luck.

  5. dear friend, i’ve been reading what you have written…not to say that i truly understand what you feel all along, but i have the same idea with my work too. i donno how i ended up doing somthing that i dont like.during my student time, i felt i was in wrong course, but everyone advised to give it a try, i may like it sooner. i pushed n pushed myself to the maximum and finally graduated. now, i’m still pushing myself through going n doing this work that i find it difficult and demotivating. what people dont know abt me is that, when i do my work, eventhough i dont like it, i’ll try n do it well. and so they thought i really enjoy n enthusuastic abt it. but what they dont know is how much i struggle everyday to push myself to work. till then, thye tought i like it and even offered me a better position once i completed my internship. yes.. i cant take it anymore. i’m at the verge of quitting my job too.

  6. senasib : owh thanks for commenting this. This was what I felt when I was in the Bank. But now as I’m doing my KPLI training, I’m just so liberated and free because teaching is one of a passion. Not my ultimate passion but I know I can soar here in comparison to the days in the Bank. Hope you will follow your own heart too 🙂

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