6 comments on “State Of Jubilant : Resignation With 3 Months Notice.

  1. Bro,

    There will always be peeping toms and silence readers lurking in blogs. Just ignore ’em all! Never give up in whatever you do. “Bukan depa bagi kita makan pun”. Hahaha…

  2. hahaha. I second that Sis. Anyway, to look from the brighter side, maybe they were just like CURIOUS to know the what I’ve been thinking and what I’ve siphoned-out. Well, no matter. =)

  3. gosh,,,mmg dh lama aku x visit ur blog.x sangka dasat gak keja hg tuh.yela,wpn hg x minat bio2/lab nih tp kita nih dh terbesa life yg in control (tunggu bakteria growth dlm incubators for 24hours?lol!) and not hectic like in the bank…..xpela,skrg take it slow dlu.jgn harap kpli ja,try cari keja lain dlu smtra tuh….good luck!
    p/s: tmpt keja aku pn cm hampeh,my main dissatisfaction is da pay la…..

  4. Nzard= weeeh, lama gila ang tak mai meninggalkan komen-komen berasid hang! hahaa, kinda miss that though. What’s hot and not in ur life? tu la..mungkin betoi kata hang. We are like SOO used of being IN THE CONTROL (over bacteria and micros la kan?!) that being the one who is CONTROLLED ni cam hampeh kot! Betoi kata hang, aku memang dah practical dgn hakikat kalao tak dpt KPLI ni. It’s good to have you back in the blog radar gal! =p

    Muzem = aaar? *PENGSAN*!! =)

  5. aku p btapa utk meningkatkan ‘keasidan’aku,so,beware le kalo hg emo2 sgt pasni…muahahaha…..!

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