15 comments on “Tribute To Earadith! Debut Of An Author.

  1. Owh, I’m flabbergasted! Thanks bro!

    And I’ve browsed Halim’s page the other day and wud very much interested in getting one of the book. How to eh?

  2. Pingu Toha = hehee..sorry2x. takpa kot. Hang tak bubuh piccha hang. Tehehe..anonymous terlepas ckp plak daa..hehe. Good luck! Do update your potential customers ur books whereabouts!=)

    Kakak = hahaha! I think the book shud be available @ Borders or Popular la.

  3. halim –> pingu toha? lawak gile pseudoname dia, pilih la yg professional sket…….i mean, pingu???? tohaq sungguh!

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