12 comments on “Release Me From Tis’ Curse! My Mind : Disturbia!. Breakfasting With Kitty Kat @ The Gardens.

  1. Weh, miss to hang out & having the Iftar with u..
    Selamat berpose, mate!.
    Nanti raya turunlah penang.. leh karaoke lagu-lagu raya plak!. hehe.
    send my regards to ur sistah.

  2. amboi, kat tuh dressing cmtuh semata2 nk jumpa hg or what? cm nk p dinner je(READ: DATING….LOL!)….anyway, hampehla mentioning about ‘something happening’ tp x mau bgtau. baik xyah mention je….! nyampas i…..(yes, i do realize diz is ur blog and up to u la nk tulis ke dak but….)

  3. op Fino = no..theres nothing to marah la.

    Leftenan Muda = Ni kat The Gardens, Bangsar. Ok, Selamat posa =)

    nzard = uish, dia mmg dress up camnie hehee..Kat, the foxy gal. hehe. benda yg embarassing tuh takleh la nak tulih. satgi satu opis aku plak kecoh hehe. tapi agak ter-stunned gak hehe..

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