10 comments on “My Good And Tender Son, Don’t Be Frightened And Don’t Be Scared. “Yal-di ha-tov veh ha-rach, Al ti-ra veh al tif-chad.”

  1. although aku x penah tgk cite tuh (but i do know which soundtrack u r talking about- whitney houston n mariah carey’s?) but my point is i feel the same way while reading buku2 Dan Brown’s. bila aku baca part knight temple whatever aku akan try compare blk dgn apa yg aku tau/penah baca psl kisah2 nabi, sahabat2 nabi dlu. influenced by christianity? i don’t think it would be that easy to be influenced just by reading a book but then again, ini semua bgantung kpd tahap pemikiran and kematangan seseorang. we must know where we’re standing baru x senang ‘thanyut’ ke pemikiran2 yg x sepatutnya…..(a bit preachy here…lol!)

  2. Leftenan Muda = erk? Ok, i take it as a compliment.

    nzard = betul tu. I second that. But of course it’s how u perceive it and its true that that all depends on the thinking =)

    meeracute = Yes, the composition of the song is hear wrenching (if u know the lyrics!). You should find in You Tube. I listened to all the languages Miss Ofra Haza recorded and it mazes me that each language sounds amazing with her voice!

  3. i have mixed feeling over leftie muda comments la…..the ‘hmmm….’ and ‘muahahaha….’ sound ‘not right’…..

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