5 comments on “A Disease of Mind : Trying To Remain Tame But I’m Struggling.

  1. its ok lad to feel that way, we all do hv the bad side..but yea i just hope that d volcano WILL not erupt ey! only few weeks left for d “much awaited freedom” of effin’ affin. lol.

  2. dasat ni…ni kira spesies krakatoa la ni…atau mt. helen atau pinatubo atau vesuvius atau mt. thera…

    skali meletup, ranap la!

    aku paham ko shahrill…aku pn cam ko jg…

  3. Ms efbee = LOL!~ thanks gurl for the dropping by! U go ahead with ur blog. do put ur link here too =)

    pingu Toha = hehee tue la. aku kalao dah erupted ada lah yang sakit hati tuh… tu yg aku cuba confine dengan bukan menjadi diri aku di bank hehe..

    eremabas = thanks gurl =)

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