13 comments on “Childlike’s Changeling.

  1. Mat Arip Li Sookun = erk?? Ni bukan nama hukum Tajwid ka ni? takda apa2x..cuma luahan perah-saan ja…cool nice *wink*

    Jason Bher = Thanks! wow, im always amaze on how on earth strangers come across my blog? By the way, ‘jason behr’ is an actor’s name..rite?fan of him I suppose?

  2. Bro, i think you are sad because of someone. What’s wrong? Hope you don’t mind but in life, it is not easy to get everything you want. You are still young and a handsome man like you could get anyone… trust me. k

  3. Ayue = actually changeling tu ada beberapa makna. from Western legend, changeling ni makhluk yang curik anak manusia dan ditukarkan dengan makhluk lain. Tapi term ni mmg dh diterima pakai. Its enlisted dalam kamus oxford. Utk lebey lanjut, Ayue boley tgk dalam http://www.dictionary.com

    Leftenan Muda = Dont worry..I’m getting over it la. Not a biggie issue. Thanks for the kata2x semangat Leftenan Muda!

    Mariposa = ur damn rite Jan! Muchas gracias chica!

  4. What a sad story…Jolie is such a good actress! The killing scene really scares the beejezus outta me!

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