10 comments on “The World of Financial System : Islamic Banking, Sub Prime Crisis & Future Ahead !

  1. sorry lama sangat tak menyinggah sini. tgh sibuk latihan gempur kat PD. hebat Shahrill ni. nampak je kecik molek awak ni ye =)

  2. ShahriLl, apa nasihat anda kalau nak beli kereta atau rumah sekarang? interest akan semakin naik or turun? apa perlu buat sbg persediaan for next year hehe…TQ

  3. About Singapore… dats a good prediction and it maybe right, because Singapore have already facing bit by bit now… And that’s a warning for Singaporean like me! (Uh but lucky… im not into all this investment, forex stuff… :p, else that’s a double impact.. :p)

  4. Leftenan Muda = oh ye ke? patutla lama tak tinggalkan komen. sure..no problem.

    Papa-Mea = Erm, saya bukannya wat Housing Loan atau Hire Purchase. Ni mengikut keterbatasan pengetahuan sy la. Since sekarang ni interest dah naik sbb Bank nak galakkan profit out of saving (pemyimpanan wang)daripada investing (melabur), rasanya mmg dalam masa sekarang and year to come interest akan naik. Jadi terpulanglah mcm mana nak bajet. Persedianna next year? Hurm, Deputy CEO kata berjimat cermat n maintain your job (ouchh!). Hhee..

    Ros = oh tQ for the reply. Anyway with due repect i didnt mean any harm on saying singaporean being kiasu or what…Hope u wont take it negatively ya! Oh the derivative thingy was not applying to mirror Singapore’s whole financial system. What I meant was that there are some FIs (financial institution) in Sgpore who are actively pursuing this derivatives products/thingy and when the conventional American gone bad, it affects the whole world. Anyway, that was what our Deputy CEO told. us. Maaybe I hear it correctly or not. ** (Any banker colleagues who are SILENT READING maybe boleh tolong bag reasonable answer ke..hehe)

    Myzara = yea gurl =p

    Naz = LOL..ur the second one saying that today. The first being Abg Bob. Nah..maybe it doesnt suit me. Bye bye banking world!~

  5. Mariposa = yeah janice. That was taken by the Corp Comm’s department. Supposedly slated for Affin Mags. Heee..I like it too. To bad WordPress crunched it sampai x nampak muka hehe!

    nzard = hurm..both u and Naz make it sound as if I’ve been writing thrashes all these while (haha!). Ni entry pengabesan keja Bank so saje je nak tunjuk. But hey, I’ve been writing tis kinda piece all the time! but seems BORING if I were to do tis kinda piece all the time plak kan? Heheh

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