7 comments on “Au Revoir a.k.a. Quantum of Solace (Part I) : Abg Ali’s Treat.

  1. hey there… since u left the bank olredi, i guess it is safe enuff for me to leave a comment here… hehehe…

    nways, as i told u, lesson learned-never use your real name, or in your case, anyone’s real name , in your blog… especially if you dont want them to find out…. never ever….. or else, as it have alredi happened, even Tn Hj himself reads your blog! ROFL ! I’m sooo sorry i had to laugh it out loud when he mentioned bout it, coz it was sooo totally unexpected out of him! but come to think about it again, it wasnt one of us youngsters who first found out bout ur blog anyways… u’ll be surprised.. heheheh…

    maybe by now u r considering of blocking the blog… owh, cmonn…. u left oredi.. there’s no reason why you should close the blog now… besides, we all wanna know ur updates… hehehe.. bz bodi la katakan…

    well then, since u refused to shake hands with us, i guess this will be an informal goodbye to you… wish you all the best in life… hope u lead a successful life ahead ya… u r a nice guy, honest, but try to tone down ur voice a bit la… maybe not in classrooms or lecture halls but in other places la ya…

    so, goodbye superboy! heheh.. will deffinitely miss u…

    p/s – pssttt… we all blog but we keep it a secret, to avoid from peeping toms.. hihih… sssshhhhhhhh………..

  2. malena = whoa? malena eh? hehee..anyway nice URL website you put there! ahaks! oh, im sorry that I didnt shake hands with most of you guys there. Kinda elated to leave the place. Anyway, in my farewell speech I wanna said something but takut panjng sgt (Mohsin panjang plak kan?)..I really wanna thank u for being the best mentor (erk? kantoi kot ). YOU believed in me when everyone was like thrashing-mouthing and you with all the patience in the world repeats yourself even for like bajilion-th time! I always thought I’m lucky to have you as a mentor. And personally, I admire your dedication to your work and hope that you will get recognition for that!

    I wish you all the best and do wish me as well. The atmosphere there was condusive and lively and i definitely gonna miss it. But i’ve always aspire to work with Government, and this is the chance I’ve to take. The rest is God’s will. Take care my beloved malena! (erk? after this abes la u hehe).

    Leftenan Muda = arrr? ehe bukan. Raiha anak org melayu..kot.=)

    Myzara= erk?=p

  3. i agree with malena. never ever disclose real names(and photos) in cyberspace….bahya woo, zaman skrg. makin ramai yg terer dlm penyalahgunaan teknologi nih!

  4. nzard = LOL~ yea but then again..what will it be without photos rite? And its not I have anything to hide…hhaha..of coz I can always do another ANONYMOUS blog for thrash-mouthing rite? hehe~ I’m good at that..ask mzuem (hehe, that’s how I get A for my communication paper for journal writing- erk?angkat bakul plak!)..Then again, call tis my official blog eh =)

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