13 comments on “Au Revoir a.k.a. Quantum of Solace (Part II) : Old Asia, The Weld @ Jln Raja Chulan.

  1. beautiful set of pictures. But anyway, I though you are writing about james Bond movie. Go see it. Very cool~!


  2. OctoPUSSY = whoa? what a NICE NICKNAME hahahah!~ Another 007 fans stumbled upon tis entry eh? ehhee..sure Octo..or shud I call Poos-seey? hehe=p

    Leftenan Muda = hehe..a’a isteri org tu..=)

    PornoGuy = bibir? klasik perkataan tuh hehe

    Saipul = Sunggu Syial statement ni..hehee..

  3. a’ah…. mmg cun arr gurl2 keje bank nih…
    emm….. nak kenalan leh….??? hehe…

    hmmmm…. part yg hg sedey tu, mmg la…
    sape yg x sedey kan…
    aku pn rase cmtu gak mase nk tgglkn tmpt keje dulu…

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