18 comments on “Social Calendar : A Hectic Weekend !

  1. the moral of the story…be prepared…
    Zoo Negara?kecik2 slalu dpt pergi…btw, if the rain stop pun,its better for u to go elsewhere instead of entering the zoo cause the smell will be really awful and yuck after the rain…

  2. Gosh!

    Kutuk me in ur blog eh? Weih, I did say that it’s okay to post up any pics la, in the end…except those pics wif me in it.

    Wif me buried under tonne of work, it’s definitely hard to fine time to blog nowadays. Huhu…

  3. evenstar = aww..really? Luckily we didnt go there.. Thanks!~

    ziggurats = where got kutuk? I’m actually giving you the limelight to do the exclusive blog la. Promotion ni hehehe. chill~

    Naz = yerp indeed..but ur “moaning’ can be misinterpreted. I’m sure Nzard mcm nak menyibuk gila nak tau. Ngehehehee

  4. Myazara = hehehe…a’a..

    Nazri K = mana de..ade bahasa melayu gak..campur la..=p

    khai = time kasih hahahha =p

    pingu toha = errk? apa hang bygkan? bukan kot..hang ty Naz! hahaha

  5. Pingu Toha = actually, i’m in haze. I donno what u mean. Kwasan tu kawasan apa?

    Puteri Hang Li Po = hehhee =)

    Mariposa = yerp Jan. It was, honoestly! And i was like a kid in candy store, bossing my sister to take pictures – till she was like FEd’UP!~

    meera_cute = yes hehe tq dear=)

    maxi = oh, it’s not a zoo. it’s The Aquaria underwater world at Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) here in Malaysia!

    Papa- Mea = Ustaz kalau nak gi kena sedia ongkos ehhe. Adult RM28 per admission manakala budak2x bwh 2tahun free. Utk bayaran regular budak2x saya tak tahu hehe =)

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