16 comments on “Jack Nicholson : The Joker, The Casanova & The Living Legend !

  1. dont recognize him.sorry…but if he is the joker in one of batman movies, well, he is a great actor..batman,one of the superhero story which is quite famous until today…i enjoy movie becoz of the story line…the message…and of coz, the joke…

  2. Muzem = Insya Allah.. 17 days to what?

    evenstar = owh u didn’t? he’s the most respected actor in the history of Hollywood! He’s the REAL Joker; that’s Joker as in the first Batman movie. Not this year’s Batman- which was played by the posthumously recognized Heath Ledger.

  3. Shahrill memang ada bakat sebagai seorang penulis. Adie rasa bangga tgk penulisan sebegini. Jelas penguasaan bahasa melayu dan Inggeris Shahrill sangat luar biasa. Tetapi mencampur adukkan kadang-kadang boleh pening kepala..macam En Muzem. =)

  4. owh..the first Batman?well…back in the childhood, my dad n mum did not allow me to watch TV after 10.00PM…Mega Movie (TV3) will start at 10.00PM, for TV2,most movies will start at 10/11.00 PM and the painful part is that good movies will always be on monday to thursday, which the next day happen to be the school day..so, the only thing i watched masa kecik were mostly drama melayu and game shows.

  5. Very interesting comment by Shahrill.. seem to me your writing and comment same as other columnist or outstanding journalist …keep on writng and I agree with Lt Muda…pls don’t mixed…BM n BI for towards PPSMI …

  6. Leftenan Muda = Terima kasih atas komen tu. Tapi memang shahrill sengaja nukilkan penulisan sebegini. It’s like a trademark hehe. Tapi garapan bahasa melayu dan bahasa inggeris saya sy maksimumkan sepenuhnya. That is bahasa kelas pertama bagi kedua-dua bahasa. Ini juga boleh menarik perhatian rakan2x yg kurang mahir berbahasa Inggeris untuk mencari makna2x perkataan baru yg saya nukilkan di sini.

    Naz = whoa?

    evenstar = oh..no wonder. It’s Ok now ur an adult u can catch them via the abundant DVDs eh? hehee.Erm..when I come to think about that, my parents are pretty lenient.. but of course no more than 12.00 midnite. then again when tempers rise, pukul 10 pun kna masuk dah

  7. Every film have their themetic also what is the lessons that we can get from the story. As a teacher who teach Malay Literature, sivik n moral…every story have their strenghtness …so Mr Rill only explore the topic but the plot (jalan cerita) only touch n go , mybe Film like Eagle eye…..how Americans leaders terpenjara dalam ketakutan yang dibina oleh mereka sendiri… I have been watch this movie All in family.. intersesting..

  8. Mogaba = oh well..the gist of the entry is all about the actor, Jack Nicholson.. so I guess its not necessary to delve into his films in depth. Eage Eye? Is that Shia Le Beouf’s film? Haven’t catch that..

  9. “Mogaba = oh well..the gist of the entry is all about the actor, Jack Nicholson.. so I guess its not necessary to delve into his films in depth.”

    i second this reply by shahrill

    although he might be a great actor, but i despised his casanova attitude but maybe bcoz of his upbringing yg hancusss….

    bm+bi=ppsmi–>LOL! mayb this would inspire shahrill to post his thoughts on the whole teaching math n sci in BM or BI…..

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