13 comments on “Mission Impossible (Part II) : A Trip To National Zoo a.k.a. Zoo Negara.

  1. Ermm…. weekend hang dipenuhi dengan animals la yek… Started with Madagascar 2 pastu gi lawatan ke zoo plak… WUhoho…. Wild weekend, eh? Hahaha!

  2. Very nice job u have taken picture to we all, tak yah pi zoo..but not same the person who go there, they feel and smell the situation…also the whether….raining..your caption Simba, The Lion King? ehehe..well, the nature reflects itself. Singa jantan malaih sket….. .apasal dia malaih.

  3. Wahh, pi Zoo??? Aku last time pi Zoo mase aku skolah rendah, kalo tak silap.. Huhu.. Weh, kind sad next week aku dah last dah kat Penang.. Berdebar tunggu posting!. Doakan aku noo..

  4. mogaba = Yep..it’s not like the first-hand experience. Well, singa jantan is biologically known for its lazy nature. The only function of the male is to protect the territory own by him and mate. That’s all. Foods, baby-sitting; all these shenannigans are taken care by the lionesses. The male just open its mouth and eat. and sleep. eat.mate.sleep =)

    muzem = ya ka? weh, Rabu ni aku blk kedah. So dlm weekend kot aku turun Penang!

  5. amboi..shahrill ni tiap2x ujung minggu jalan je ni..bestnye…hehehe. Puteri rasa geram plak tengok anak sedara shahrill.kiut sangat macam pakcik die hehe

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